announcement: bad news… but now slowly back online remixes
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hey guys, i contracted COVID and things werent pretty as i was hospitalized for almost 4 months.

when i was out of action, a lot of issues propped up! within the first week, our payment gateway was down so nobody was able to subscribe to premium at all. it meant that the whole infrastructure has been relying on it reserves to keep the lights on. the infrastructure includes over 20 sites sitting on 10 virtual servers and also 10 dedicated servers and storage boxes that hosts all the 3 million over files on Me and only me manage all this entire network. So when i was out, the whole ecosystem was running autopilot. I previously have put many safe guards in place in order to catch any server interruptions/incidents to prevent any downtime. Each downtime, i will learn from it and will put additional safeguards to prevent it from happening further. But unfortunately certains issues cant be fixed without any human intenvention. Like DMCA reporting that can make our host to disable our sites/servers.

The worst part is my paypal account too was disabled so certain payments couldnt be processed. So our cbox got disabled and the worst part of all is that we lost 4-5 of our domain names including:,, its sad to say that domain hoarders has taken this opportunity to buy those domains when our domains expired just resell at a higher price. the price range is in the thousands. so now, its sad to say ths site cant be accessed via anymore. it means a lot of our visitors wont know we are still alive. Our other popular sites will now be at and remixsearch csn be accessible via

due to all the issues faced, i will slowly restore all sites to its peak. ive been doing a lot of background work to get things up again. and i will also try to backpost all remixes released for the last 4 months! its a lot if work and i will try my best.

for members who are still members as of Feb 1st. I will extend your membership for the lost months and additional 4 more months. so your membership will be extended for 8 months. and those who are not premium members, do support this ecosystem by becoming a premium so we can keep on going on serving thee dj/remix lover community.

current update status:
- getting sites up and running
- upload tons of remixes on the next few days
- all dj pools posts for the last 4 months

to-do list:
- extend 8 months for all premium members who are still premium members on feb 1st.
- cbox?
- reply all emails!

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2 thoughts on “announcement: bad news… but now slowly back online

  1. steve says:

    hi there I cant see my extension of 8 months I have one day left and I have sent a few emails. Could you let me know please

    1. We have already replied on Monday

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announcement: bad news... but now slowly back online

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